Print Media

Are you letting your newspaper and magazine handle your print ad design? Why spend thousands of Rupees on print ads and let the publication do your print ad design. Khushi Add Consultant has years of experience in print ad design, advertising design, for newspaper or magazine media. We can even help with your print ads media planning and buy and save you more money. Now that sounds like a great deal for print ad design.

We will do your print ad design and place your print ads in any publication of choice. Let us take care of the print ad design while you get back to business that you do so well.

We have the resources to handle your print ad design, media planning contracts for newspapers, magazines and get you the best available pricing on your print ads.

Electronic Media

It is unreservedly true that the second most valuable media aspect is electronic media which has till now no substitute to it. Media has opened new dimensions in learning that has gone beyond everything. Electronic media embraces certain basic thing without which our life is incomplete. Television, radio, internet, communication aspects and phases etc are all the part of it. Since few years back, Khushi Add Consultant was established with an aim to satisfy its client in every aspect. Electronic has become so broad and profound that it is growing at high pace with no limits around it.

The sole objective of our company is advertising and marketing. For this, our company gives its client an opportunity for rising up the trademark and sponsor up their brand in much awaited way. The newly developed technology has become so hyped that it has become a means to life. Electronic media embrace televisions and radio which is very much prominent means of communication and advertising. Khushi Add Consultant serves as a platform for smaller as well as bigger companies and provide them its individualization and homage.

Address:- Office Address :-
S-14, Vijayanan Complex
Near Tiwary Bechor Petrol Pump
Kankarbagh Road, Patna
Bihar, Pin Code-800 020
Contact Person :-
Mr. Rahul Raj
M # +91-9308714922,

Star Planet Advertisement





STAR PLANET a brand promoter company based in the Heart of Patna Bihar, has been growing substantially into many markets. Khushi Add Consultant provides advertisers with a unique mix of exciting advertising spaces along with innovations in various Malls and Multiplexes across Bihar.


continues to reach across the country as an ambassador for Advertising Space Planner. Our wide range of advertising spaces, innovative ideas and creativity supports growth.through effective advertising for our esteemed clients. Our mission is to continue to reach new audiences and influence their views about products being advertised.

About print & electronic media.

On Screen Advertising

Make your brand a STAR on big screen STAR PLANET provides advertisers with innovative communication solutions to capture the imagination of cinemagoers via a wide range of both above-the-line and below-the-line media solutions.

Why On Screen Advertising?

For a number of reasons: Film Industry is HUGE in India and Cinema offers an ambience conductive to undivided attention of the audience as a result your brand reaches a relaxed and receptive audience who are in an anticipatory frame of mind.

Easy Creative to produce. Low cost production. Research has proved that a Captive audience delivers advertising recall that is upto five times greater than that elicited by television commercials. Cinema is the only place that offers dramatic creative impact of the big screen where audiences can truly relax in a darkened auditorium and fully engage themselves with the on screen action.

On Screen Options

AD FILMS On-Screen Advertising Program can present your Ad on the Cinema screen during every movie show, seven days a week to thousands of moviegoers & it provides an opportunity to spotlight your clients brand or business on the big screen in front of engaged moviegoers

Ad Films are offered in standard slots of a 60 secs / 30 secs or even lesser or more than that depending upon the requirement. Adfilm screenings is done either Before the Main movie or during the Interval depending upon the availability or choice in a week for average 5 shows per day thereby giving Exposure for 35 shows in a week. Bookings of Adfilms are on minimum 1 week basis from every Friday to Thursday.

SLIDES (Mute & Audio)

Slides are the traditional frames treated like print ads on-screen, which can be presented with or without Audio effects. The advantage with slides is the budget and is an excellent support medium to your print campaign. Mute Slide is displayed for approx. 8 to 10 secs during every show either Before the Main movie or during the Interval. Movies are screened for average 5 shows in a day thereby giving exposure of slide in 35 showsper week and 150 shows in a month. On the other hand an Audio slide (with a voice over) is exhibited for approx 18 to 20 secs.

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